We have several options for printing your textile products. The Esteam factory has a professional in-house screen printing facility. Screen printing is by far the most common technology today. Two types exist: rotary screen printing and flat (bed) screen printing. A blade (squeegee) squeezes the printing paste through openings in the screen onto the fabric. The Esteam factory utilises both methods.

We can also print in the UK by using one of our partners who are specialist printers. We can make and print any style of bag made to your specifications, printing pre or post shipment.

We have carousel which allows us to hand print any design. Need More than 6 colours? Don’t worry! We use CMYK techniques to reproduce the busiest of designs.

We also offer a embroidery to businesses across Europe. Our state-of-the-art facility in India allows us to embroider in volume at low-cost, we can comfortably embroider thousands of items within timeframes to suit you and can embroider any design to suit the product of your needs, be it complex graphic designs for bags or t-shirts, and of course company logos can be embroidered on to any of the textiles we offer.