Corporate responsibility is the action we take to ensure that we are not only a responsible employer towards our colleagues, but that we also recognise and manage our impact on the wider environment and community.

We are committed to being a responsible business, both in how we work with our clients but also in terms of how we contribute to the wider community and the world around us. It is important to our employees to work for a socially responsible organisation and our approach therefore reflects our people. We recognise that: ‘Our activities as a firm have an impact on our communities. We are committed to not only managing that impact but also using the resources we have in making a real and sustainable difference.’

Our CR programme brings together key areas of activity that are embedded throughout the organisation:

  • To create sustainable and responsible communities
  • To promote well-being and inclusion
  • To conduct business responsibly
  • To reduce our environmental impact
  • To reduce waste and improve recycling


In India

At the Esteam production unit in India where all out textile product manufacturing takes places, much has been done much to the satisfaction of its workers and for the protection of the environment in recent years as well as conforming to the Fairtrade standards. These include:

– A company outing takes place twice a year.
– A doctor examines all workers once a year. Esteam also co-operates with a NGO’s dedicated to the fight against AIDS.
– Every three months the factory has seminars for health advice & disease prevention.
– A variety of committees and teams are actively involved with the staff to continually improve their working conditions. Such committees include, a health and safety Committee, a Committee for    the protection against sexual harassment, Fire-Fighting Committee, Canteen Committee.
– 25 Workers have voluntarily participated in a fire-fighting training and 50 on a first aid course.
– Esteam offer a free bus shuttle service for employees and staff who are more than 20 kilometres from the factory.
– Free creche & care for factory workers children.
– Rainwater harvesting to save valuable water
– Waste water treatment centre for the removal of potential pollutants from the Printing Process.
– Use of natural light and energy saving LED’s
– Cotton waste is recycled & reconstituted into paper that can be used for sundry stationary, greeting cards, labels, etc…


Tarameen is based in Manchester, UK and also engages in activities to promote social well-being and environmental care:

Water Charity

By using AquAid water coolers we help bring life-giving water to thousands of people every day. Through their ongoing support of Christian Aid, and by establishing the Africa Trust in 2010, AquAid help bring sustainable solutions to poverty on a daily basis. Read more at:


Children’s Charity

Tarameen Managing Director attends the NSPCC Childline ball, held on an annual basis. Childline offers support to abused and disadvantaged children – Tarameen believe each of us has a responsibility to keep childhood free from abuse, and we must do everything possible to protect children and prevent it from happening. So if a law needs to change, or if more needs to be done to protect children, Childline demand it. Read more at:


Team Building

Within Tarameen, team-buildings days with our staff and consultants take place regularly throughout the year to promote healthy working relationships and as a positive step to improving employee motivation. Recent events include Kayaking down the River Severn; attending Lancashire v Yorkshire 20/20 & England v India 20/20 cricket games at Old Trafford; attending Chester Races; Curry nights and a staff lunch every Friday at a local eatery.


Charity Shop donations

Items stored on-site at Tarameen from older production-runs such as garments and shopping bags are reviewed annually and are donated to local charity shops to help them raise funds for their charities, and help Tarameen avoid any wasteful disposal.



Tarameen are also currently looking at improving recycling methods for office waste and will introduce paper and plastic recycling. Tarameen is no friend of wasteful single-use plastic articles – plastic drinking cups and straws are no longer used and we actively use & re-use our own cotton shopping bags to avoid using plastic alternatives.

The 2018 European Commissions strategy to reduce marine litter, particularly single-use plastic items is something we think highly of at Tarameen and we are happy to work to the recently issued guidelines. Read more at: