Corporate responsibility is the action we take to ensure that we are not only a responsible employer towards our colleagues, but that we also recognise and manage our impact on the wider environment and community.

We are committed to being a responsible business, both in how we work with our clients but also in terms of how we contribute to the wider community and the world around us. It is important to our employees to work for a socially responsible organisation and our approach therefore reflects our people. We recognise that: ‘Our activities as a firm have an impact on our communities. We are committed to not only managing that impact but also using the resources we have in making a real and sustainable difference.’

Our CR programme brings together key areas of activity that are embedded throughout the organisation:

  • To create sustainable and responsible communities
  • To promote well-being and inclusion
  • To conduct business responsibly
  • To reduce our environmental impact
  • To reduce waste and improve recycling